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Course Overview

Who is it for? Suitable for all employees who want to hone their time management skills. Summary This interactive workshop focuses on practical techniques for managing the tasks we aim to perform within the time we have available. Through activities and exercises it explores the influence of our own mindsets and the impact of those around us on how we can best implement these techniques.




LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING: Live INTERACTIVE virtual delivery across 3 sessions over 1 day.

Session 1: A Perspective of Time using our Self-Discipline

Session 2: Controlling your environment

Session 3: Being assertive to effectively manage your Team

Full SET-UP details and support will be provided along with the full agenda for the delivery.

Exploring different people’s perceptions of time

  • The Time Perspectives Model
  • Our own and other’s perceptions and their impact on our time
  • The basic rules of time management

Self-Discipline in managing time

  • Defining the concept
  • Applying it to managing time

Identify clear and simple strategies for building and maintaining the self-discipline that helps increase our effective and efficient use of time.

Controlling the work environment

  • The Pyramid Model
  • Setting SMART Objectives
  • The Eisenhower matrix

Recognise the importance of creating a clear plan that supports a more controlled approach to delivering the personal workload. Practise writing the basic elements of the plan using SMART methodology

Explore how time is presently spend and use a simple model for increasing ability to prioritise the workload more effectively.

Be assertive to manage time effectively

  • The assertiveness continuum
  • Using ESP
  • Questioning in effective time management

Practice using high and low assertive techniques to increase personal effectiveness by managing those around us that impact on our time management.

Practise and consolidation

  • Overcoming the Time Bandits
  • Personal strategies for increasing effective use of time
  • Action plan to take the tools and techniques back into the workplace

Further post course training option:

  • Workshop – Reviewing/Discussing the impact of the learning back in the workplace.

Interactive Virtual Training is available across all Management & Business Skills and can be tailored.

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