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Topics For Skype For Business

Course Overview

This training covers the modules needed to train in Skype for Business. This listing can be used to select the modules for training so the duration would be dependent on the module selected. NOTE: This training can also be delivered alongside Microsoft OneNote and or Microsoft OneDive – outlines are available. To discuss your requirement do call us on: T: 01604 495252 or email us at enquiries@jcstraining.com




Introduction to Skype for Business

Opening Skype for Business

Signing into Skype for Business

Overview of toolbars and icons




Contacts view

Conversations view

Meetings view

Updating shared information

Setting an information status

Setting location information

Setting availability status


Find and add a contact

Adding a Skype contact to Outlook and amending contact details

Checking contact availability - contacts list

Checking contact availability - contact card

Contact groups


Other contacts

Creating a group

Renaming a group

Moving a contact into a different group

Copying a contact into a different group

Deleting a group

Rearranging groups

Renaming a group

Setting alerts for contact availability

Changing the privacy relationship of a contact

Further contact card information

Detailed contact information

Organisational information


Social media updates

IT access membership

Instant messaging

Sending instant messages

Customising the appearance of a message

Changing the message priority

Sending a file in your message

Turning an IM conversation into a voice or video call

Sending a file in from your contacts list

Start a group IM conversation

Inviting more people to an Instant Message conversation

Instant messaging in a conference call

Viewing conversation history

Voice and video calling

Making a voice call from the contacts list

Making a video call from the contacts list

Answering calls

Meetings and conference calls

Skype for Business conference calls

Starting a conference call

Ending a conference call or meeting

Skype for Business meetings

Joining a scheduled meeting using Skype for business

Meeting lobby

Admitting or denying access to a meeting from the lobby

Viewing meeting participants

Participant types – Attendee’s and Presenter’s



Managing meeting participants



Lock the Video Spotlight

Pin to gallery

Remove from meeting

See Contact Card

Make a Presenter

Make an Attendee

Removing an attendee from a call

Meeting view options

Full Screen View

Gallery view

Speaker view

Pop out video gallery

Mute and unmuting your microphone

Sharing and un-sharing your webcam

Muting and unmuting the speakers

Call Controls

Changing the call volume

Call holding

Switching devices

Conversation options

Changing instant message text size

Changing instant message font

Viewing meeting information (including a web link to the meeting)

Meeting Options

Who is a presenter?

Who can annotate PowerPoint Presentations?

Who waits in the lobby?

Recording calls

Pausing recordings

Stopping recordings

Managing recordings

Playing a recording

Locating a recording

Renaming a recording

Deleting a recording

Publishing a recording


Sharing a PowerPoint presentation

Navigating the presentation

Displaying presentation Note


Annotation tools explained

Presenting your desktop

Giving a meeting participant control of a shared desktop

Taking back control of a shared desktop

Stopping the presentation of your desktop

Requesting control of a presented desktop

Responding to a request to control a shared desktop

Presenting a program

Requesting control of a presented desktop

Responding to a request to control a shared program

Giving meeting participants control of a presented program

Taking back control of a shared program

Stopping the presentation of a program

Using the Whiteboard

Create a Poll

Create Q&A form


Audio device settings

Selecting an audio device

Adjusting Speaker, Microphone and Ringer volume

Video Device settings

Changing video device

Changing camera settings

Centre video during meetings

Show, hide, or change your picture in Skype for Business

Changing your display picture