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Train The Trainer Duration: 2 Day

Course Overview

Focusing on skills transfer techniques rather than simple presentation skills, the course offers a structured approach to designing and delivering training sessions. It supports delegates in recognizing the key components for ensuring they are providing the right opportunities to learners to meet their learning needs. NOTE: We separate the two days so that the candidates prepare their practice sessions at their leisure and then come back on the second day and deliver.






Who should attend?

This course is suitable for new trainers or existing trainers who wish to develop their delivery skills.

Understanding how people learn

  • Recognizing the value of Kolb
  • Gardeners 7 Intelligences

Identifying Training needs

  • A basic model of training needs analysis
  • Timely and appropriate!

Identify a clear and simple process for assessing what individuals need to do differently to increase their effectiveness or efficiency.

Designing Training

  • Writing learning objectives
  • Exploring a range of skills transfer activities

Recognise the value of writing clear learning objectives, intended to guide the learner towards meeting identified learning needs

Explore a range of learning activities that can be included in training sessions for meeting learning needs

Delivering with impact

  • The techniques of powerful delivery
  • Working with your learners
  • The basic skills of delivery

Practice using several techniques for increasing personal presence and engagement when delivering training sessions

Understand and practise the four basic skills needed by a trainer in delivering clear and effective sessions

Measuring your success

  • Understanding Kirkpatrick’s levels of evaluation
  • Using them in the real world

Consider the 4 levels of evaluation suggested by Kirkpatrick and identify a clear plan for making these practical and insightful in the workplace

Practise and consolidation

  • Consolidate learning through a micro-teach opportunity and give and receive developmental feedback
  • Prepare an action plan for embedding the learning back in the workplace

Further post course training option:

  • Workshop - Reviewing the impact of the learning back in the work place