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Adobe After Effects Duration Intermediate 2 Days

Course Overview

This intermediate course covers some of the more challenging aspects of working in After Effects. It aims to familiarise delegates with aspects of the software that may not be obvious, and to give delegates the confidence to apply the techniques taught in daily creative work. During training, delegates will be encouraged to explore new techniques that will greatly enhance their working knowledge of the software.




Basic experience in After Effects or previous attendance on the equivalent training course.

Course outline

Setting up custom preferences

Making decisions for the most important preferences

Reducing projects and collecting files


Understanding animation rules

Understanding Velocity and Influence

Using the Speed graphs to perfect timing

Animating to music

Making animation rigs


Adjustment effects and colour correction

Smart Mask interpolation

Variable mask feathering

Keying tools

Matte tools

Roto Brush

Refine Edge tool

Motion tracking and image stabilising

Tracking position and rotation

Using Mocha to track motion

Using Mocha to track mattes

Stabilising selections in footage

Warp Stabiliser VFX

Introduction to Mocha AE

3D camera tracking

Time-based effects

Slow motion techniques / stop frames

Time stretching, ramping and blending

Animating footage to audio

Basic expressions and scripting

Basic Expression commands

Linking properties together

Linking and aligning orientation

Applying simple arithmetic

Randomising properties


Repairing images and movies

Stop-frame animation techniques

Write-on text effects and other tricks

Intermediate 3D and parenting

Setting up stereo camera rigs quickly

Animating in 3D space

Independent keyframing of x,y,z values

Tricks with Lights

Tricks with Cameras


Combining effects successfully

Favourite effects

Green screen techniques

Pixel motion blur

Working with Proxies

Using Shape Layers

Brainstorming effects

Extruding text and adding reflections