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Adobe Photoshop Advanced 2 Days

Course Overview

This Adobe Photoshop Advanced Training Course builds on the skills already gained on the Photoshop Introduction/ Intermediate Training or those gained by practical experience in the workplace and can be run for individuals or groups.






Prerequisites: Adobe Photoshop at an Intermediate level

Video Editing in Photoshop

Working with the Timeline

Working with Video Layers

Video on Timeline


Animate using Keyframe Layer Properties

Import and Position Video Clips on the Timeline

Create a Slideshow /Short Marketing Video

Work with Transitions

Filters & Video

Framing and Masking Techniques

Cinematic Images (animate still image)

Export Video for Web /Social Media and Interactive PDF

Frame by Frame Animation in Photoshop

Creating Small Animations

Frame by Frame Animation

Exporting GIF’s

What is Camera Raw?

Opening Camera RAW inside Photoshop /Opening Camera RAW Files

Camera RAW Advantages

Camera RAW Editing

Histogram /Histogram & Channels

Histogram & Image Data Analysis

Lens Corrections

Auto corrections


Photoshop & Camera RAW

Work with Light & Colour

Use Effects such as Grain /Dehaze

Use Camera RAW’s Healing Tools

Camera RAW & Masks

Working with Presets

Camera RAW Properties

Photoshop Colour & Exposure Corrections

Curves & Levels Adjustments

Colour Balance Adjustments

Matching Colour /Replacing Colour

Hue & Saturation Adjustments

Colour Cast Corrections

Working with LAB

Channels & Channel Mixer 

Selections from Channels

Blend & Combination of Alpha Channels

Working with Alpha Channels

Photoshop Brushes and Brush Panel

Creating New Brush Tips

Understanding Photoshop Brushes

Designing Floral, Wet Edge, Grunge Brushes

Photoshop Brushes & Colour

Creating, Editing & Saving Brushes

Working with the Symmetry Brush

Create Symmetrical Mandala /Vertical /Circle Brushes


Photoshop HDR /High Dynamic Range

Understanding HDR images

Creating HDR with multiple exposures

Using HDR toning