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Course Overview

This one-day programme has been designed to enable the delegates to discover how effective assertiveness can have a positive impact in the workplace, including handling difficult people and situations with confidence. We also cover the need to understand the different assertive behaviours and how to build a rapport. LIVE VIRTUAL TRAINING: Live INTERACTIVE virtual delivery across 3 sessions over 1 day.





Session 1: Defining Assertive Behavior

Session 2: Low Assertive Techniques

Session 3: High Assertiveness Techniques

Full SET-UP details and support will be provided along with the full agenda for the delivery.

Understanding Different Assertive Behaviours

What is your own style?

Learn the benefits of adopting a more assertive behaviour.

Identify your own communication strengths and weaknesses.

Discover the key differences between the various assertive behaviours.

Learn to recognise passive, aggressive, submissive, indirect and assertive behaviour.

Assertive Communication Skills

Learn to confidently use your voice.

Identify the power of body language.

Recognise the importance of listening skills.

Learn how to build rapport and trust.

Learn the impact of positive and negative phrases.

Discover how to make an excellent first impression and its benefits.

Key Techniques

Learn how to use the assertiveness continuum

Saying “No” with confidence and clarity.

Recognise how to respect the views and beliefs of others.

Direct approach Vs Non-Direct approach.

Learn how to express your views and get results that benefit you and others.

Discover how to establish facts and gain clarification through effective questioning.

Creating a Successful Outcome

Identify the importance of win/win.

Learn how to disagree with people constructively.

Learn how to approach difficult situations and aggressive people with confidence.

Further post course training option:

  • Workshop – Reviewing/Discussing the impact of the learning back in the workplace.

Interactive Virtual Training is available across all Management & Business Skills and can be tailored.

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