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Effective Appraisal Skills Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

This workshop will introduce the skills and processes for developing the ability to appraise performance. It will examine the performance management cycle, provide an opportunity to practise the skills and consolidate understanding of the basic appraisal meeting structure. Who should attend?  This workshop is suitable for employees with responsibility for managing the appraisal process. It's beneficial for appraisers new to running appraisals.






Session 1: The performance management cycle

  • Identify the elements of the cycle
  • Make the connections between the organisational performance and that of team members
  • Recognise the connection between appraising present performance and highlighting potential for future performance

Output: An assessment of own appraisal process against the generic cycle

Session 2: Setting performance objectives

  • Understand the importance of performance objectives
  • Explore how to create SMAART objectives
  • Identify ways to tailor the objective to meet the needs of the team member

Output: Produce a set of SMAART objectives

Session 3: Active Management

  • Explore a clear structure for an appraisal meeting
  • Recognise the responsive & assertive skills needed during the meeting
  • Identifying how to adapt the skills to support a range of different situations
  • Practise the skills using a role play activity

Output: A short action plan highlighting particular strengths and areas to develop further

Session 4: Reviewing Performance

  • Developing a robust feedback mechanism
  • Identifying the impact of the Hawk & Dove syndrome
  • Exploring ways to appraise performance in the most controlled & objective way

Output: A rehearsed example of a piece of appraisal feedback

Session 5: Apply Reward & Recognition

  • Understand the organisational reward & recognition process
  • Identify how to use the process objectively
  • Make a connection between the process and motivating team members
  • Explore interpretation of organisational recognition

Output: A clear understanding of how to apply the organisational reward & recognition process correctly

Closed Company Tailored Training option:

The training can be delivered around introducing the group to their organisation’s appraisal process, reward, and recognition process etc: also tailored for those facing specific performance appraisal challenges.