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Time Management Duration: 1 Day

Course Overview

Time management has changed as we now take on more job roles and as a working part of a team expect interruptions. Time management is a balancing act – one that changes day by day yet we all need to fulfill our responsibilities. In this course we look at Time and Planning, planning aids and managing workloads and people who impact on your time to help you to achieve more by working more effectively.




Time Management and Success

Self-Control and Discipline

What or Who Controls Your Time

Urgent vs. Important

Time and Work Behaviour

Using your time efficiently

Choosing the Right Time

Prime Time vs Down Time

Team Time & Your Time

The principles of Time Management

Importance of Goal/Objective Setting

Time and Planning


Deciding what is Important

Developing Yearly, Monthly, Weekly and Daily Plans

Planning Aids

Analysing Your Time with a Time Log


Do It Now!

Identifying time Robbers

Self and the Environment


Managing E-Mail

Techniques for Dealing with Paperwork

Managing People who Impact on Your Time

Implementing my plans for time management on my return to work

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