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Camtasia Studio 9 Introduction 1 Day

Course Overview

In this Camtasia Studio 9 training class, you can quickly create videos and post your completed lessons on the web, YouTube, Screencast.com or burn them to a CD. Your lessons can include videos of actions taken on your computer, animations, audio, quizzes, and surveys.



Class Goals

Learn to capture videos with Camtasia.

Learn to work with images.

Learn to work with title clips, transitions and callouts.

Learn to work with audio.

Learn to produce your videos.

Learn to enlarge and focus on specific areas of the video.

Learn to use markers, hotspots and tables of contents.

Learn to create quizzes and surveys.


The Camtasia Studio Interface

The Clip Bin and Library

The Stage

Recording Videos

Setting the recording area and resolution

Setting recording options

Starting, stopping, and pausing recording

Adding effects whilst recording

Editing Videos

Working with tracks and the timeline

Importing images and other media

Splitting, grouping, and ungrouping clips

Controlling mouse visibility

Adding cursor effects

Adding callouts

Working with transitions

Zooming, Panning, and SmartFocus

Working with Markers

Recording narration

Working with Audio

Recording Narration

Adding background music

Controlling Volume and Fading Audio in and out

Removing unwanted noise

Outputting a Finishing

Video formats & quality settings

Adding a watermark

Uploading to YouTube and Screencast.com

Producing HTML5/Flash output

Other Topics

Creating a menu with MenuMake

Creating a Quiz

Recording from within PowerPoint