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CV Writing & Presenting At Interview

Course Overview

Duration – 2 x half day a practical post-activity is introduced at the end of session 1 this is then brought back to session 2 and forms part of this workshop. Irrespective of how we feel about our present role, it is good practise to continue to be aware of all the good things we do towards our future roles. That means always having an up-to-date CV and recording personal achievements as and when they occur. This module provides an opportunity to: Consider tools, techniques, and ideas for always current Critique what you may have already created so that it works for you in the future or Build a CV that will always be selling you in the best way Our pragmatic approach allows individuals to produce a real-time output that they can use now and a structured approach for keeping it up to date in the future.

CV Writing & Presenting at Interview

Duration – 2 days - 2 x half day sessions CV Writing & 1 day Presenting at Interview

This course includes Practical Post Course activity.

Delivery – Live Virtual training

CV Writing


Who should attend this course:

This course is suitable for all those who want to fulfil their future aspirations.

Delivery of training:

Session 1. The virtual half day virtual session of practical activities and group discussion Session 2. The individual 30-minute personal CV critique session to practise the skills learnt

Session 1: CV Writing

The virtual half day virtual session of practical activities and group discussion

What is the purpose of a CV?

  • Understanding how recruiters use it
  • Exploring the use of a development CV
  • The difference between a CV and a resume

Session 1: CV Writing

Tailoring your CV for each application

  • Identifying what the internal or external recruiter wants
  • Deciding on the sections for your CV

o What to include and what to leave out

  • Creating your personal achievements database
  • Making it relevant for those who will read it

Deciding on a format

  • How do you want your CV to look?
  • What will make it stand out from the rest?
  • What will display you in the best way?

Practical Post course activity – in readiness for day 2. Developing your Personal CV

  • Practically building your CV

Session 2 day 2: CV Writing

The half day virtual session offers practical advice, individual and group discussion

  • Developing your Personal CV
  • Critiquing what you have already built
  • Making it what you want it to be
  • Using the JCS Consultant as a coach

Presenting at Interview

Duration – 1 day

Delivery – Live Virtual training

Duration – 1 day

Whether you are looking to secure a new role or want the opportunity to develop yourself in the future, being able to present yourself at an interview is a valuable skill to perfect. How you want to be perceived by others and feeling confident and in control will give you the edge. Building on your ability to sell yourself through your CV, this module provides an opportunity to explore a clear process for preparing, presenting, and moving on from an interview.

Our pragmatic approach allows individuals to develop the skills and attitude they need and an opportunity to practise in a safe and supportive environment.

Who should attend this course: This course is suitable for all those who want to fulfil their future aspirations.

Delivery of training:

Why use an interview for recruitment

    • Understanding the purpose of the interview within the recruitment process
      • Recognising the two-way process
    • Identifying how it might be used for personal development opportunities

Preparation – before the interview

    • Considering the purpose and practise of research
      • Of the company
      • Of the industry
    • Self-preparation
      • Exploring the personal interview check list
      • Identifying own mechanisms for feeling in control
      • Working with pre-interview nerves

Presentation – during the interview

    • Hanging it around the WASP interview structure
    • Understanding the importance of building rapport
      • Exploring a range of basic skills
    • Developing your personal brand
      • Managing your personal impact
      • Leaving the interviewer with the right impression
      • Practising your personal communication style
    • Continuing to develop your personal awareness
      • Practising techniques for remaining centred and in control
      • Recognising the value of self-promotion
      • Working with the adrenaline rush
    • Self-promotion is okay!
      • Personal self-talk and building your personal mantra
    • Showing your competence
      • Understanding the importance of a competency-based approach
      • Building your personal bank of interview questions
      • Practising the STAR model of supply
      • Developing a range of examples
    • Knowing how to part positively

Post – after the interview

    • Recognising the importance of interview feedback
      • Being prepared to ask for it
      • Taking it as a gift
      • Picking out the personal learning
      • Using the learning for the future
    • What do I do if I’m successful?
      • Recognising the importance of learning from every experience
      • Identifying and building on your personal development
        • Having a plan
    • Building and maintaining your resilience
      • Being able to move on