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JavaScript, Stage 2 Duration: 3 Days

Course Overview

Prerequisites: Knowledge of JavaScript Examples and Exercises There are numerous (standards compliant) examples available for this course that illustrate the concepts covered. In addition to the examples there are practical exercises in each section that allow attendees to explore and consolidate their knowledge of the concept. Further topics are given for future study that relate to the topics covered. Some of the exercises are done as team work; the remainder are done on an individual basis with the individual choosing the level of complexity they want to code within the exercise parameters.




Part 1 Regular expressions

This section covers Regular Expressions, what they are, their syntax and how they are used.

What is a regular expression Properties and methods Modifiers


Special characters

Part 2 Effective device/feature detection

This section covers several different ways of detecting the features available in the many browsers that are in common use. This supports the concept of feature detection commonly used in modern development methodologies and responsive web design.


HTML5 feature detection

Suggested webpages

Feature detection using MIME type

Part 3 Event handling

This section will look at advanced event handling which allows you to handle events such as drag/drop and touch.

Event propagation

Advanced event handling – drag and drop and touch capabilities

Part 4 Inheritance via prototype

This section looks at the way JavaScript handles Object Oriented coding via prototypal inheritance and object definition.

JavaScript objects definition Prototypes and inheritance ECMAScript classes

Part 5 Functions

This section covers the use of the arguments object with functions, plus looks at some special types of function commonly used in modern JavaScript , its frameworks and libraries.

The Arguments object First class objects Closures


Immediate functions

Self-defining functions


Part 6 Ajax and JSON/JSONP

This section will cover AJAX coding and use, plus the way JavaScript interacts with JSON and


AJAX technologies

Client side Server side JSON/JSONP

Part 7 Testing techniques

The final section in this course introduces unit testing and TDD which can be used in the production and testing of JavaScript code.

Unit testing

Specialist unit test environments – e.g. . js-test-driver Jasmin, QUinit

What is TDD Why use TDD

Mocks, spies and stubs

How to use TDD