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Thursday, July 16, 2020

Latest August News


Virtual Live Training. Full days or bite size training sessions available.

As some companies return to work many colleagues will find that home working will be the new norm and this in itself creates uncertainty and emphasises the need for additional training and support as we become accustomed to the changes in how we work.

JCS offers Virtual Live Training across most of our courses – we have introduced bitesize training for end users on our Microsoft Office training which complements our full day VLT courses.

Further training delivery can be as a closed bespoke company course Virtual Live training or F2F. Our open public schedule of training offers both Virtual Live training dates or F2F: Open public courses

For further information: T: 01604 495252 or email: training@jcstraining.com

Featured Course:

Promoting Wellbeing and Building Resilience – Creating work-life balance and managing stress levels

This Virtual Live 1-day Workshop considers the impact of stress on both work and life and how we can cope with stress at this unprecedented time. It recognizes the relationship between how work and life both impact on our inner strength, energy levels and reserves. The sessions explore the phenomena of creating balance within our lives by developing robust stress management strategies that enable participants to build and maintain their levels of resilience.

  • Defining Stress
  • The skills for creating balance
  • Work/life balance is ….
  • Creating stress management & work/life balance
  • Managing Time
  • Stability & accord
  • Health & wellbeing
  • Emotional health

Considering neuroscience as a tool for increasing ability to change thinking patterns and break those habits that create imbalance and high levels of unhealthy stress.

Link to course outline: Promoting Wellbeing and Building Resilience

Further featured Virtual Live Workshops

To follow are some recently delivered Live Virtual workshops outlines.

– the agenda is given on booking. All courses can be delivered as tailored company courses.

Click to open:

Communication Skills

Building Personal Resilience  

Performance Management

Handling Difficult People & Situations

Train the Trainer

Developing Assertiveness & Confidence

For further information: T: 01604 495252 or email: training@jcstraining.com

NEW COURSE – Praxis Framework TM the most integrated Framework in the Market.

The Praxis Framework Foundation Certification – 3-day Virtual Live training.

The 3 days Virtual Live Training are delivered over a 3-4-week period.

(Delivery dates can be tailored for group training)

Praxis Foundation Certification   We are very excited to be offering Virtual training and certification covering the Praxis Framework TM.  Praxis covers many methodologies in one course, previously to cover Projects, Programmes & Portfolios candidates would have had to attend several courses.

The Praxis Framework Certification – Equivalent to three alternative courses.

You would need to take at least three separate project and programme certifications to reach the breadth of guidance provided by Praxis framework. The content of other discipline overlap – forcing you to study duplicated themes and conflicting terminologies if you want a complete and rounded view of the discipline. Being comprehensive, Praxis removes repetition by covering all the key areas – combining the value of three accreditations into one. 

Example of how the Praxis Framework Certification strips out duplication:

  • If you chose to become a certified PRINCE2 or MSP practitioner, both have similar process models but use different terminology, so you would learn what is essentially duplicate information. With the Praxis Framework certifications, you learn about the process model once
  • Taking Risk Management as an example theme, it covered by many introductory courses such as PRINCE2 and APM’s PFQ. The fundamental nature of managing risk does not vary between programmes and projects, therefore Praxis Framework Certifications cover risk once and explains how it is applied to different contexts. The same can be said of other themes, Business Case, Organisation, Planning and Control.
  • Documents specified in PRINCE2 and MSP are also very similar. When defining the context of Business Case and Stakeholder Management Plan or Strategy, the basic structure is no different in a project than in a programme. Therefore, the Praxis Framework Certification removes document duplication.

By stripping out the duplication, the Praxis Framework courses can offer training on all aspects of programme and project management in one course.

Group Company F2F training also available

Link to course outline: The Praxis Framework Foundation Certification

For further information: T: 01604 495252 or email: training@jcstraining.com

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